Sample audio clips:
Taking Shape
1.   Not Much
2.   Soylent Green
3.   The Lucky Award
4.   Dark Mambo
5.   For Keeps
6.   And She Was Given Unto Him
7.   Ogilvie
8.   Jill's Delight
9.   I Can't Remember Last Summer
10. Nameless
Snowblind's sophomore effort includes ten original compositions, two from each of the founding members of the quintet.  Released in April of 2007,   Taking Shape exemplifies the group's ambition to perform original music that explores an array of musical genres and compositional approaches.
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Arctic Fury
1.   East of the Sun
2.   Da' Rhythm Took Me to Detroit
3.   Kate's Groove
4.   It's About Time
5.   Ric-Tick
6.   Night & Day
7.   Night in Tunisia
8.   Lola
Snowblind's 2006 debut album, Arctic Fury, features four original compositions and four jazz standards arranged by members of the group.  Snowblind's work on this album earned comparisons to the Max Roach/Booker Little ensembles as well as Charles Mingus' various piano-less groups.
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Shilad Sen (tenor sax)    -   Adam Rossmiller (trumpet)    -   Scott Agster (trombone)    -   Graydon Peterson (bass)    -   Reid Kennedy (drums)

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