Praise for Taking Shape
"Snowblind is an inapt name for this local jazz quintet, which has a clear vision of its sound and sweats the details to realize it.  There's a distinctive depth to the compositions - especially the way saxophonist Shilad Sen, trumpeter Adam Rossmiller, and trombonist Scott Agster swing between solos and take on the piano's rhythmic role - and breadth in style, from Agster's Latin leanings to spunky bop to pensive balladry to crisp, cerebral rhythmic exercises (call it math-jazz).  They celebrate their second CD, "Taking Shape," a contender for local jazz disc of the year."
- Britt Robson, Minneapolis Star Tribune
"I usually find brass ensembles to be among the most enjoyable configurations in modern jazz. Snowblind combines the key ingredients to the success of this instrumentation—diverse rhythms; multi-hued harmonies; interesting arrangements that highlight virtuosic solos and telepathic interactions. More than just Taking Shape,  this band is well on its way to defining—or redefining--the modern brass jazz ensemble. These  musicians reach back to their traditional roots while simultaneously probing ahead to create their own shapes and sounds."
- Andrea Canter, Contributing Editor, Jazz Police
"This is one of the best straight-ahead recordings I’ve heard in a long time."
- Kevin O'Connor, 88.3 KBEM Jazz88 FM

Shilad Sen (tenor sax)    -   Adam Rossmiller (trumpet)    -   Scott Agster (trombone)    -   Graydon Peterson (bass)    -   Reid Kennedy (drums)

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